Day 738: 8 Ball Champion LIVE

Posted: 2012/11/16 in Indie Games

303 days ago I reviewed a game called “8 Ball Pool Champion”. I loved it for its good AI, clean presentation, offline multiplayer, and its “cheat mode” for those who just want to pull off insane tricks. All it was missing was online multiplayer. That’s corrected for its sequel: “8 Ball Champion LIVE”.

This comes to us from Maximinus Games, who have also brought us “Red Tie Miner”, “Missile Escape”, “Cosmic Caverns”, and several un-reviewed titles. But what if you already own the first game? Then it comes down to whether the online modes have any appeal. However, if you don’t already have the first game then this supports everything it does plus more so get this one, online modes or no.

Here’s what the developer (Maximinus) has to say about the game:

“Classic 8 Ball pool, with Live multiplayer up to 4 players. Featuring multi rebound Cheat-O-Laser for insane trickshots!”


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