Day 739: Kaleidoscope

Posted: 2012/11/17 in Indie Games

“Kaleidoscope” is a collect-’em-up platformer where you fill in the world’s colour as you collect paint pellets. The game is a graphical treat, and I like some of the level themes (including one with a pixel art look, one that’s all pastels, levels that are very soft, levels with lots of hard lines, etc).

The game’s soundtrack is both very good, and quite long, so you won’t keep listening to the same musical riff over and over again. Because of its extensive soundtrack, the game’s larger than the average indie game. Easily worth a download, and likely worth 240 Microsoft Points to fans of surrealistic platformers.

Here’s what the developer (Morsel) has to say about the game:

“The world of Kaleidoscope has been shrouded in darkness! All that was once lush and colorful is now dreary and colorless. Take on the role of Tint, an unusual inhabitant of Kaleidoscope, and traverse the surreal environments in search of the lost colors!”


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