Day 746: Avatar Laser Wars

Posted: 2012/11/24 in Indie Games

Avatar Laser Wars 2 is out, and it seems to be getting generally positive reviews. But we’re not here to talk about that today, as that’s not what this site is about. No, we’re here to talk about its two year old predecessor, “Avatar Laser Wars”.

This comes from DigitalDNA (the CastleMiner people). Whereas Avatar Laser Wars 2 is a first-person shooter, “Avatar Laser Wars” is a third person shooter. If you’ve enjoyed games like Gears of War, Lost Planet, etc., you’re a potential candidate for a good third person shooter.

Now make no mistake, this game is not as complete as those ones, it does have strengths. Unlike “Avatar Deathmatch” (which, despite this limitation, is actually pretty good), the map in Avatar Laser Wars is multilayered with ramps, tunnels, teleporters, and more. There are equipment and weapons to collect and unlock, and other upgrades besides.

The game’s 3D looks good, and it’s a great opportunity to show off those avatar pieces you get awarded in games (or buy, if you’re into that thing). It’s a neat thing that, if you’re a big Halo or Gears of War fan for example, you can run around in this shooter with Spartan or COG armour. Online play for 16 players is present here as well. For 80 Microsoft Points, it’s actually pretty impressive, and I had fun with it. Which, for 80 Microsoft Points, is all I can ask for.

Here’s what the developer (DigitalDNA) has to say about the game:

“Take your very own Avatar into an online Laser Tag arena with 16 of your closest friends (or enemies). Compete head to head with up to 16 players to see who can become the ultimate Laser Wars champion. Avatar Laser Wars features a full 3D multilevel environment, multiple weapon unlocks, battlefield power-ups and portals! Compete with the rest of the world with the global high-score list.”


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