Day 752: Murder for Dinner

Posted: 2012/11/30 in Indie Games

This game came out at 240 Microsoft Points, but has recently dropped to 80 MSP. Price drops are one of the best things about plumbing the depths of the Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) catalogue for hidden gems! “Murder for Dinner”‘s formula is simple enough and works well. You explore a mansion where a murder has occurred, interviewing guests and exploring objects as you try to piece together whodunnit. It’s a bit like a first-person version of the board game Clue, with 3D visuals that give off a Sega Saturn-esque vibe that I appreciated. Absolutely worth checking out for mystery and adventure fans.

Here’s what the developer (Detroit Game Studio) has to say about the game:

“You have been invited to a dinner party at Miss Havisham’s, a notorious old gossip. But upon arrival, your host is missing and the rest of the guests are exceptionally uncomfortable and oddly behaved. You determine to get to the root of all their behaviour and to explain the mystery you encounter.”

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    I skipped at 240pts. Didn’t even try to demo. Thanks for pointing out the price drop because I think I see me picking this one up.

  2. David Loves Sandy says:

    Worth it at 240 it’s a steal at 80! Nice job finding yet another hidden gem.

    I remember you saying something back around the year mark that you were not sure if you would continue to be able to find them and I pulled some numbers on and you and said you would be able to keep the pace. Well now I’m just shocked that you are still going not due to the fact that there isn’t hidden gems out there but due to the fact of how the heck are you able to continue and still have a life?

    • I think it’s cool that a game that you passed on at 240 MSP, one that you were so sure wasn’t worth that price that you didn’t even download the demo, has surprised you at 80 points and even got you to say that it was worth it’s original price. That’s what WMD is all about!

      As for my personal life, I get by. :) Do I expect to be doing this for a full three years unabated? No, but then again I didn’t expect to be doing this every day for two consecutive years either. Time will tell. :)

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