Day 756: Sticky Bump

Posted: 2012/12/04 in Indie Games

Some people consider a game being offline-multiplayer-only to be a real detriment. I suppose I can understand that. They’re not for everyone, but is any kind of game for everyone? I have extremely fond memories of playing two-player-only games on my Intellivision in the early ’80s, games that had no AI, had no online, and required two human players. Games like Sub Hunt, Armor Battle, and more. I’ve added “Sticky Bump” to the list of quality offline-mulitplayer-only games.

While it’s not exactly Splinter Cell’s classic “Spies Vs. Mercs” multiplayer mode, “Sticky Bump”‘s multiplayer does remind me a bit of it. It has up to four people squaring off, two trying to collect and and bring their prize to the goal, two trying to destroy their bumper car before they manage it. Four players are the real deal here; oh, you can play with 2 or 3, but 4 is where the game really takes on a party game life. For 80 Microsoft Points, it’s great to play with the roommates or any other time you have a group of people ready to compete and joke with each other.

Here’s what the developer (KeeWeed) has to say about the game:

“Collect, chase, dodge, escape, bump, and capture that beloved sticky bumper! Have your friends over, work out your tactics, and drive those bumper cars!”

  1. keeweed says:

    It’s great to read people still enjoy local multiplayer. And that the same people enjoy Sticky Bump :)
    Thanks for the write-up!

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