Day 757: Ant General

Posted: 2012/12/05 in Indie Games

Ant GeneralRemember SimAnt? Ever wondered what it might have played like if it was a turn-based strategy game? Wonder no more: “Ant General” delivers that hex-based, turn-based, ant-on-ant action you’ve been craving all these years.

Those who’ve played other isometric turn-based games (like the original two Fallout games) will be right at home with the game’s perspective. You build and deploy your army (dividing it up into worker, explorer, and warrior ants), equip them, and send them off to do what must be done against the enemy ants. There are objectives to be accomplished (which, I think, was handled by this game better than SimAnt), and the whole 80 Microsoft Point package is easily recommendable to those who like turn-based strategy games.

Here’s what the developer (Torito Software) has to say about the game:

“Ant General is a turn-based strategy game where you control an army of ants.”


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