Day 761: Acid Drift: Solar

Posted: 2012/12/09 in Indie Games

“Acid Drift: Solar” is an interesting beast. It’s got the space trading/exploration element pioneered by wireframe-3D classic Elite, but the top-down 2D way in which you navigate around systems and into space stations reminds me a lot of Star Control 2. But then just to really mix things up, combat reminds me of Space Invaders more than anything else that comes to mind.

Like with any of these kinds of games, you’re grinding your way up to better ships as you do mission after mission, and haul cargo across the galaxy. Like with all of these games, it’s hard to make an ending that could possibly live up to that level of grinding (Star Control 2 managed it, but most don’t), but “Acid Drift: Solar” seems to treat the journey as being much more important than the destination (which is a potentially valid approach, for those who like this genre). If you’ve hated every such game you’ve played, you’ll almost certainly hate this too. If you’ve like a game like this before (perhaps XBLIG “Final Rift”, which I reviewed 664 days ago, give or take), then this one is experimental, has a unique look, and it’s definitely worth a download. For me, I’m a sucker for anything that reminds me of Star Control 2, so it’s easily worth parting with 80 Microsoft Points for.

Here’s what the developer (Synthoptic) has to say about the game:

“Mine, trade, and fight your way to riches in this open-ended space adventure!”


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