Day 763: 2D House of Terror

Posted: 2012/12/11 in Indie Games

As party games go, “2D House of Terror” has something going for it that you can’t normally say for most party games: it has a story mode. And it’s not just a gimmick, the story mode is punctuated by nicely done cutscenes that fit with the theme and graphical look of the rest of the game. Sure you could quibble about the relatively small number of mini games, but it’s a nicely done package. I also like that this is another game made by students, such as “Curse Of Shadows”, “Ultraviolet”, “Hoardzz”, “The Last Pod Fighter”, and “Minions!” before it.

But best of all, I love that (in addition to an Xbox Live Indie Games version) they’ve also made a Dreamcast version of their game! And as a Dreamcast fan all the way back to late 1999, that makes me happy. 80 Microsoft Points for the XBLIG version, and… I’m not actually sure for the Dreamcast version.

Here’s what the developer (2D Retroperspectives) has to say about the game:

“2D House of Terror is a Party Game which provides an enjoyable 4 Player experience. You and your friends can compete in random mode or witness the bewitching storyline whilst taking on great challenges. Young Billy O’Tale inherits a bunch of old things from his deceased greatuncle Willsworth, among them a mysterious treasure map! Together with his friends he sets off to start the adventure!”


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