Day 764: Mystic Mayhem

Posted: 2012/12/12 in Indie Games

Though it’s criminally not shown in the accompanying gameplay video (the person playing seems to have missed a key point about the game’s appeal), “Mystic Mayhem” is a platform game with a neat gimmick: the game lets you switch between a side-view, and a first-person view. That’s kind of neat on its own, but comes into its own when you realise that some obstacles are best crossed one way (side-view for jumping gaps, climbing ladders, shooting objects, etc.), and others are best crossed the other way (blades going back and forth towards and away from the screen are more easily gotten past in first-person mode).

It’s something different, and that’s worth 80 Microsoft Points to me.

Here’s what the developer (DarrionCSUSB) has to say about the game:

“Mystic Mayhem is two games in one! In Adventure Mode, Max (the hero) crash landed onto a mysterious island. Meeting the king of the island, Max encounters an evil sorcerer that has kidnapped the princess and took over the kingdom. Help Max save the princess! In Survival mode, you are piloting a plane and you must dodge obstacles to survive while collecting stars.”


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