Day 766: SteamSunk

Posted: 2012/12/14 in Indie Games

Many twin-stick shooters I’ve reviewed have tried to innovate on the gameplay side. “SteamSunk” takes a different approach. It willingly pulls in dual-stick shooter tropes into its warm embrace, and then turns up the presentation and special weapons to 11.

I love the attractive, steampunk-infused presentation. It’s a naval theme, and it permeates the game. You zoom into the bridge of your ship to change options, for example. The whole thing looks good and works well. Air and sea threats abound as you engage in arena combat.

The whole thing looks and plays well enough that I’m OK with the lack of innovation. Maybe it’s how it brings back memories of “Blood Wake” on the original Xbox that makes me give it a free pass on that front. 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Snape) has to say about the game:

“SteamSunk is a 3D top-down shooter with arena based game-play. The game is set in a sea environment, with the player controlling a ship and the enemies represented by various flying machines which try to sink you. With random power-ups and levels, super-weapons, bosses and much more your SteamSunk experience is different each time.”


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