Day 774: Little Kingdom Advanced

Posted: 2012/12/22 in Indie Games

One of my greatest finds in trolling for hidden gems was “Little Kingdom”, a great strategy game that shot for being somewhere halfway between simplified games like Risk, and complex games like Civilization: combat and territory movements are simplified like Risk, but there are added elements of influence you can apply towards your enemies and neutral neighbours like with newer variants of Civilization. It was a fantastic experiment, and well worth 80 Microsoft Points.

So I was thrilled to find an improved sequel, “Little Kingdom Advanced” (and mad props to the developer for doing something other than just smacking a “2” at the end of the original game’s name for this sequel). The improvements are both subtle and significant: bigger maps are a welcome improvement (and a new random map generator assures you never run out ground to campaign on), as are more building types, more resource types, new graphics, new gameplay modes, more enemies, etc. It’s the perfect sequel: it messes with nothing that made the original great, but added enough to plunk down another 80 MSP. If you like strategy games, I can’t recommend it more highly.

Here’s what the developer (Andreil Game) has to say about the game:

“You’re the leader of a small kingdom aiming to conquer the world. In this peaceful world without war or battle. Strengthen your economy and dominate the world with your influence. Contains a map generator. It’s the enhanced version, more buildings, more resources, new graphism, a new HUD, new gameplay options, more enemies , bigger map…”

  1. cutandreil says:

    You may want to check this :
    It’s the PC version of the same game.

    The game has got several patch since the “Little kingdom advanced” version for XBLIG.
    And a LAN mode is currently in progress.

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