Day 776: Oozi Earth Adventure Ep. 4

Posted: 2012/12/24 in Indie Games

This was was always going to be a no-brainer. After enjoying “Oozi: Earth Adventure Ep. 1”, “Oozi: Earth Adventure Ep. 2” 8 months later, and “Oozi: Earth Adventure Ep. 3” 3 months after that, I now find myself reviewing “Oozi Earth Adventure Ep. 4” 6 months further down the road.

Full marks to the developer for actually understanding what episodic gaming means (leave, Valve, learn). While my reviews trail a bit (to make sure they’ve dropped of the dashboard, which has the side benefit of taking full advantage of bug fixes and price reductions) so the way my reviews were spaced out is a little different than the actual release schedule, it’s still definitely on target.

Like with the earlier games, “Oozi Earth Adventure Ep. 4” pairs classic gameplay with stellar visuals. As befits classic gameplay, this is not a “punisher”-style platformer, so don’t expect to log thousands of deaths per level. The game takes hand drawn art (including dozens of enemy types), then piles on the special abilities, and a few modes (regular, challenge, time trial) to ramp up the replay. If you’ve played the series this far, then it’s time to pony up 80 Microsoft Points for the final chapter.

Here’s what the developer (AwesomeGamesStudio) has to say about the game:

“The final episode of Oozi’s adventure is here! Oozi: Earth Adventure is where classic platforming fun meets modern visuals and hand-drawn art. Lots of special abilities, dozens of enemies, extra difficult challenge mode and time limited arcade mode specially for hardcore gamers. All that for only 80 MSP, a must have for all platformer fans!”


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