Day 777: Volley

Posted: 2012/12/25 in Indie Games

A bit like “Bug Ball”, but with the addition of some crazy power-ups and a unique spiking mechanic, “Volley” is another 2D side-on-view volleyball game. 1-4 players offline can join in on a decent looking, and good playing 80 Microsoft Point experience.

The game’s biggest hook comes from the fact that you play as a blob, but using one of the sticks can jut out a portion of yourself and wind it up to spike the ball. It takes a bit to get the hang of it, but once you do it works well. A neat experiment, and definitely at least worth a trial.

Here’s what the developer (Johannes Schmidt) has to say about the game:

“The classic action game, inspired by all the volley games but with amazing new features. It’s still simple enough to enjoy the game right away: Start it, choose out of 3 unique levels and be right in the action. Play 2vs2 with your friends to get the most fun out of it! No friends around? Don’t worry, just do some training with our AI Game modes: 1vs1,2vs2, Powerup/Classic Mode”


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