Day 778: Hack This Game 4

Posted: 2012/12/26 in Indie Games

Stuck late at work trying to upgrade a recalcitrant point-of-sale system, but I would like to recommend “Hack This Game 4”. If you’ve played “Hack This Game”, “Hack This Game 2”, or “Hack This Game 3”, then you know what you’re in for. New elements include a new mini game, and 25 all new puzzles to “hack” your way through in Mastermind-esque glory. This is apparently the final iteration of Hack This Game, as well, and nice to see the developer’s commitment to the series.

Side note: the same developer delivered “Spanish 101” which I reviewed an astonishing 723 days ago, not to mention “German 101” which I reviewed an absolutely ridiculous 760 days ago.

Here’s what the developer (Utopioneer Games) has to say about the game:

“The fourth and final installment of our popular Hack This Game series is now available. 25 all new files and a new mini game. Hints will be posted on each week after the games release. Good Luck!”


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