Day 779: City Tuesday

Posted: 2012/12/27 in Indie Games

Borrowing a page out of the film “Groundhog Day”, “City Tuesday” has someone reliving the last moments before a terrorist attack over and over, until they get it right. Getting it right means finding and defusing all the bombs. The game has a unique visual aesthetic, and positively teems with life. It’s impressive. The game isn’t long, but there’s something to be said sometimes for an inexpensive and engaging game that can be mastered in an evening. I love games like this that don’t hold your hand, they force you to explore, observe, and draw conclusions from what you see. This game may appeal less to the person who blitz through games just to get to the end of the story, but could appeal a great deal to someone who likes to explore for hidden areas and really “smell the roses” in the games they play. A really bold 80 Microsoft Point experiment that’s definitely worth your time.

Here’s what the developer (Return To Adventure Mountain) has to say about the game:

“City Tuesday is an open world platformer game about the last five minutes before a terrorist attack. You play a man who has become stuck reliving those five minutes before the disaster. Learn the city, track down the bombs, and possibly become unstuck from time.”


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