Day 781: Blockt

Posted: 2012/12/29 in Indie Games

More time late at work fighting with a recalcitrant POS system at work, but there’s always time for a quick review, right? Sure there is. And who doesn’t love a good logic/spatial puzzler? I sure do, and so must have the developer of “Blockt” who’ve developed an excellent “manoeuvre your block to the goal” puzzler. Lots of levels (nearly 80) justify its 240 Microsoft Points price, and simple yet attractive presentation completed the package.

Here’s what the developer (Moltensoft) has to say about the game:

“Collect all the blocks, and navigate to the goal. But be careful how you connect them — some shapes don’t roll around very well! Featuring innovative game mechanics with 3 block types, gorgeous space nebula environments, and 75 mind-bending, fully 3D puzzles to solve.”


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