Day 783: Bluebones Curse

Posted: 2012/12/31 in Indie Games

I’ve heard some people say this game is short. They’re obviously better platform players than me, as it took me a *lot* longer than the as-little-as-30-minutes some reviewers claim to have beaten it in. Not that I’m against a short, inexpensive, and enjoyable time, far from it. And (with the exception of “short”, at least in my case) that is what you get with “Bluebones Curse”.

It’s a platformer from the people who brought you “Being”, which I enjoyed waaaaaaaaaaay back on Day 008 (yes, 775 reviews ago!). And “Bluebones Curse” shares some of the pluses of that game: tight controls, levels that do the job well, etc.

It’s an avoid-’em-up platformer, so there’re no weapons or attacks here, and I like that. It’s a different kind of challenge. Unlike Being, the character is larger on screen, which I think helps with platforming precision (it effectively feels like you’re zoomed in a little closer), and it’s got some charm (complete with some probably intentionally ironic voice acting). For only 80 Microsoft Points, it’s worth snagging.

Here’s what the developer (Chounard) has to say about the game:

“Arr! What a horrible night to have a curse. Can Bluebones find the lost gold of Davy Jones to break the curse and return to his true form? He only has until midnight, and the clock is ticking!”

  1. Thanks for the review! I’m glad you finally finished it. Some of those later levels are kind of rough, even for me.

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