Day 785: Brimstone – An Action RPG

Posted: 2013/01/02 in Indie Games

Our point-of-sale at work continues to bedevil me, but hasn’t stopped me from checking out “Brimstone – An Action RPG” today. It has a lot going for it (not the least of which is a name that leaves absolutely no doubt what the game is about).

Multiplayer is the order of the day here. Up to 8 players, in fact, both online and system link. Offline solo play is here too, for those who prefer that. So, whether multiplayer or solo, what kind of game are you getting?

Why a randomnly-generated dungeon crawl action RPG of course. Tonnes of enemiy, loot, and level combinations means plenty of replay value for fans of the genre. But best of all, the game is built around a fog-of-war mechanic that denies you knowledge of what isn’t immediately within your line-of-sight. That alone makes this an 80 Microsoft Point no-brainer.

Here’s what the developer (Punchbag Entertainment) has to say about the game:

“Brimstone is a top-down, Hack’n’Slash Role Playing Game for up to 8 players. Procedurally generated dungeons, a huge variety of monsters and endless variations of loot ensure that no two sessions will ever be the same! Download the free trial now to try it for yourself!”

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    Don’t hesitate. If you even remotely enjoy RPG games then this one is a must have. I’ve been playing it for over 100 hours and got my moneys worth on this!

    OK So I was doing some math today. I thought I had way to many games and not enough time. Then I thought about 785 days of games and even if you only spent 80 points on each thats $785 USD. Not to mention the amount of space it takes on a hard drive. No way you keep all these games on there.

    • It’s actually now possible to store huge numbers of small games on an Xbox 360 without the Dashboard croaking, which is a big improvement. And with a 250GB drive, and with most XBLIG titles being around 50MB, it’s quite do-able. Do I have them all installed? No, but I could if I wanted to. 1000 XBLIG titles would be approx. 50GB or so, if my math holds.

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