Day 786: Crystal Skies

Posted: 2013/01/03 in Indie Games

When I first saw “Crystal Skies” I thought it was an entirely unique and brilliant idea: a platformer (of sorts) in a constantly spinning environment, with gravity changing with the spin, and the goal of you collecting your way through a level until finally unburying the exit to the level (hidden behind collectibles and destructible elements). Apparently, though, this is like the Chaos Emerald mini games within some of the classic 2D Sonic games. That’s cool. I was always more of a Sonic Adventure guy myself (despite being as old as the hills in gaming terms, as I turn 40 later this year). Either way, it’s a cool 80 Microsoft Point concept that’s executed well, and (so I’m told) innovates on these Sonic stages that may (or may not) have inspired it. If they exist, since, you know, I’ve never seen them.

Here’s what the developer (StarQuail) has to say about the game:

“Bubbles was quite the loveable pet fish, offering his owners endless hours of entertainment. Unfortunately, even good fish don’t last forever, and like so many of his scaly brethren he was found floating at the top of his bowl, fins up. Having been unceremoniously flushed down the john, he now finds himself lost in the swirling vortex of the great beyond. (20 levels with “save anywhere” support)”


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