Day 787: Doc Logic

Posted: 2013/01/04 in Indie Games

Reminding me something like a cross between Strider and… well, any game with a time limit, “Doc Logic” is a fast and frantic platformer that uses time limits to give a sense of importance and immediacy to events. It looks a bit like a Strider de-make for the Commodore 128, and that also gives it props in my books. Tracks by 8-Bit Weapon (I actually bought one of their CDs off of the official Intellvision website a couple of years ago) also point to one unnering conclusion: it’s worth a download, and probably worth parting with a paltry 80 Microsoft Point.

Here’s what the developer (DocLogic) has to say about the game:

“Doc Logic is a retro styled 2D survival-platformer. Enemies and traps will try to slow you down, but the only thing that can lead to a “game over” screen is the clock reaching zero. Doc Logic contains 8 unique different stages that offer a change in gameplay, and features music from 8 Bit Weapon.”


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