Day 788: Alien Siege

Posted: 2013/01/05 in Indie Games

Note: this interview was originally written and published on January 5th, but due to a technical glitch did not appear on the site.

Forgive me a brief jaunt into more recent games, as there is one that I really wanted to check out today.

What do you give to the Missile Command fan who has everything? Why two-player co-op and upgrades for your missile defence units, of course. That’s the value proposition inherent in “Alien Siege”.

Is that enough in the way of upgrades to plop down 80 Microsoft Points? Maybe, but there’s a little bit more on offer here too, such as a graphics update that gives you a bit of a cel-shaded, hand-drawn feel. And while some will lament the lack of a trackball, I actually liked the feel of analogue sticks with this game. I also liked that you had to use different weapons against the missiles than you do against enemy flying saucers and incoming meteors.

Any way you slice it, the developer did a great job of adapting the game to the Xbox controller and of updating it, and I enjoyed it for 80 MSP.

Here’s what the developer (Lost World Creations) has to say about the game:

“Defend your planet from the incoming enemy missiles, flying saucers and asteroids using your AMS rockets and Proton blaster . With support for 1-2 players, upgradable weapons, four different stunning worlds and three difficulty settings”


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