Day 789: Red Tie Miner Zombie 3

Posted: 2013/01/06 in Indie Games

Considering the complaints about the lack of new content with annually released titles, I have absolutely no problem with an indie developer releasing a bunch of new hand-crafted levels every once in a while to do a full point sequel. Compared to buying (what is often criticised as) a minor upgrade to Madden each year, 1/60th that price for six big new levels in an indie game sequel is a bargain.

And that’s what you’re getting with “Red Tie Miner Zombie 3”. 80 Microsoft Points, and a bunch of new levels, but without messing with the formula itself. Not every developer is as generous as Kilroyfx‘s “BloodyCheckers” which has had at least half a dozen big bug-fix/content updates since release, more than quadrupling the size of the game at absolutely no extra charge. As much as I loved getting more content for free, I would have been happy to have paid for Bloody Checkers 2 halfway through those 6 updates.

Getting back to today’s game. If you liked the first ones (“Red Tie Miner” and “Red Tie Miner Zombie 2”), then you know what you’re in for: a game that is closer to “ZP2KX: Zombies & Pterodactyls!” than it is to “Miner Dig Deep”, but with the exploration elements of classics like “Todd’s Adventures in Slime World” and “H.E.R.O.”.

This comes from Maximinus, who (aside from the Red Tie games) also brought us “Dirt Track Racer”, “Missile Escape”, “Cosmic Caverns”, “8 Ball Pool Champion”, “8 Ball Champion LIVE”, and several titles I have yet to review.

Here’s what the developer (Maximinus) has to say about the game:

“Red Tie Miner is back with a vengeance, in this new episode featuring six huge and exclusive new levels!”


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