Day 790: Defy Gravity Extended

Posted: 2013/01/07 in Indie Games

Note: This game was originally mislabeled as “Day 789”, but is in fact Day 790.

One of the up-sides of plumbing the depths of the indie games catalogues is enjoying games with all their bug fixes, content updates, and price-drops in place. One of the downsides is that occasionally a game is pulled for one reason or other, sometimes never to return. It’s rare, but it happens. I thought this one was lost to me forever. I went to play Defy Gravity, but couldn’t find it at first (links to it on the Marketplace were all dead). It turns out it was deleted and re-posted to the Marketplace as “Defy Gravity Extended”, an (apparently) upgraded version of the game. (Apparently because I never played the non-extended version.)

The hook of this platformer is that you create gravitational wells that attract your character, and anti-gravity fields that repel your character. You’re a kind of futuristic performer, entertaining audiences with your gravity finesse, and the levels are well-crafted to utilise the game’s gravity tricks. Worth a download for fans of unique platformers. 240 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Fisch Team) has to say about the game:

“Defy Gravity Extended is a unique action/puzzle platformer. The focus is 100% on great gameplay. I guarantee you have never played a platformer like it. 9/10 – Geeks FTW; 8/10 – IGN; 4/5 – GamePro; 4/5 Evil Avatar”


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