Day 791: Demon House: FPS

Posted: 2013/01/08 in Indie Games

Playing a bit like a Dreamcast-era first-person shooter, “Demon House: FPS” is a story-based FPS that costs only 80 MSP and looks pretty darn good. This is more for the Goldeneye fan than the Call of Duty player, as this is not a multiplayer frag-fest. It hearkens back to a day when story and atmosphere were more important in shooters than load-out and experience points. And that’s refreshing for someone like me who still remembers playing games like Rainbow 6 (and the demo of the unreleased Rogue Spear) on the Sega Dreamcast, though the controls have at least been brought into something approximating the modern age. Play this for the haunted house theme, and for finding hidden areas littered around the map, not for the number of polys it pushes or the number of simultaneous players, and enjoy it for what it is: a walk down memory lane.

Here’s what the developer (Photonic Games) has to say about the game:

“Demon House is an intense first person shooter set in a steam-punk universe. An evil alchemist has discovered how to imbue steam powered machines with the souls of the dead. Using this power he is creating an invincible army to unleash upon the world. Armed with weapons utilizing a newly-discovered anti-spectral energy, you must delve deep into his dark abode to challenge the forces within.”


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