Day 796: Funky Balls

Posted: 2013/01/13 in Indie Games

From the developer of “Philip Muwanga’s Hexy Trench”, which I reviewed a ridiculous *789 days ago*, comes “Funky Balls” (which has lost the “Philip Muwanga’s” prefix on the title on the Dashboard, but has retained it on the box art).

Hexy Trench is a real hidden gem of the indie games catalogue, so I was watching and waiting for “Funky Balls” to fall off the dashboard so that it could meet my review criteria. And I wasn’t disappointed.

It isn’t as much a departure from other games as Hexy Trench, as “Funky Balls” is clearly inspired by Sega’s Super Monkey Ball. But it does some things that I like. Attractive presentation, a whole second game available in the game’s menus, but (best of all IMO) is the game offers you new balls to unlock with different properties (as well as significant aesthetic differences). 80 Microsoft Point must buy for fans of games like this.

Here’s what the developer (Philip Muwanga) has to say about the game:

“Philip Muwanga proudly presents: “Funky Balls”. Blast off to space with your avatar and tackle 25 fiendishly difficult levels of platforming action, designed put your skills to the test. Race against the clock to collect gems and monkeys. Unlock new balls to roll, jump slide and grapple your way to goal!”

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    Lots of fun…thanks for another hidden gem. Love that you are able to pulls these out of that mess of games on the Indie Channel. :)

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