Day 798: Spectrangle360

Posted: 2013/01/15 in Indie Games

Spectrangle360A bit like dominoes (or, if you prefer, Tri-ominoes), “Spectrangle360” offers up improvements to the formula such as Scrabble-like (or, if you prefer, Words With Friends-like) multiplier spaces and online multiplayer. Solo play is also here, and the AI is thankfully not braindead. As a fan of Tri-ominoes, this was an 80 Microsoft Point must-buy for me.

Here’s what the developer (ironreavergames) has to say about the game:

“Spectrangle360 is the fast-paced game of skill and numbers. Strategically place your game pieces (“trangs”) where they’ll earn you the most points…while making it harder for your opponents to place their pieces. The more sides you match, the more points you score. Take the offense or the defense, but score the most points to win the game. Play against CPU opponents or with friends online.”


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