Day 799: Life in the Dorms

Posted: 2013/01/16 in Indie Games

I’m a sucker for inexpensive story-based point-and-click games, and “Life in the Dorms” is no different. Your 80 MSP gets you a storyline (based around a dorm roommate that may or may not be a serial killer) with genuine humour. As always, humour is hit or miss depending on the audience, but it’s worth a download for fans of story-based puzzlers.

Here’s what the developer (Moment Games) has to say about the game:

“You are Dack Peeples, reluctant college freshman. Your roommate is nowhere to be seen (and is probably a serial killer), your RA is WAY too into being an RA, and all you want to do is unpack your stuff! Welcome to Life in the Dorms! Join Dack Peeples as he learns about serial killers, kidnappings, and the many uses of ramen noodles before discovering the true meaning of living in the dorms.”

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