Day 800: Mr. Gravity

Posted: 2013/01/17 in Indie Games

I wanted to do something special for my 800th consecutive daily Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) review. So I decided to review “Mr. Gravity”, a game whose creators I interviewed nearly two years ago.

“Mr. Gravity” is a student-created game, like several other games I’ve reviewed before (“Curse Of Shadows”, “Ultraviolet”, “Hoardzz”, “The Last Pod Fighter”, and “Minions!”).

“Mr. Gravity” is an action-puzzler where you control gravity to navigate your way through each level. It is an interesting game, one where you don’t directly move the character (who is helpless and hapless), you instead control gravity to move your charge around. The game has tremendous personality, with Mr. Gravity (who’s little more than a face) changing his expression comically. 80 Microsoft Points very, very well spent.

Here’s what the developer (Angry Newton) has to say about the game:

“* First person to beat the final level and post a youtube video showing it, gets to name the level after them. * Shift gravity to navigate Mr. Gravity through a series of challenging (and most times perilous) puzzles to find Mrs. Gravity! While moving through these puzzles be sure to collect the gems along the way, but be careful…”


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