Day 804: Cars Shooting at ALIENS

Posted: 2013/01/21 in Indie Games

I didn’t quite know what to expect from this game. I don’t even like cars (I’m a lifelong commuter cyclist). “Cars Shooting at ALIENS” surprised me on every point. How much fun it was, how it looked, and how it sounded.

You see, this game was designed by two kids (one age 4, and one age 6). Oh, I’m going to assume someone else assembled all the assets and did the programming, but all the art was drawn by the two kids, the gameplay was designed entirely by them, and all the voice acting performed by them. Now that’s worth 80 Microsoft Points in my book!

Gameplay reminds me a bit of a moon buggy game I played as a kid, the name of which escapes me, except with shooting added. It was fun, and unbelievably charming. Well worth a download.

Here’s what the developer (Zebra Games_0) has to say about the game:

“Made by kids……. to challenge grown ups!”

  1. David Loves Sandy says:

    All things being considered this game rates high in my opinion. I have played thousands of games in my lifetime and this game would make it into my top 100 easy. Maybe even in my top 50 if I was to ever sit down and rate all games I played in order of enjoyment. Love that the artwork and voice overs are from two kids. I don’t even have any children of my own (nor will I ever at my age) and this game gave me all kinds of warm and fuzzies feeling inside AND it was still challenging fun to play.

    • I’m curious, were you previously aware of this game? Because I had never heard of it before tripping over it the other day. None of the XBLIG sites I’m aware ofhave ever done a review of it, either. This is truly one of the most deeply hidden gems in the XBLIG catalogue, it seems to me.

      And I’m just like you: no kids, yet I found it ridiculously charming. It and Rainbow Ball Into Adventure too.

      • David Loves Sandy says:

        I do recall seeing it on my console (I log in every day or few days at most to look for new games to try) but I never gave it a go at that time and due to your review I did. I’m always happy when you direct me to a hidden gem.

      • I’m always thrilled to hear that someone bought a game because of one of my reviews. Thanks for taking the time to say so!

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