Day 812: Johnny Carnage

Posted: 2013/01/29 in Indie Games

Milkstone Studios are one of my favourite indie developers. They aren’t always jumping on the latest zombie block building massage simulator bandwagon, yet still manage to turn out a lot of content, and across a huge variety of genres. After all, this same developer has turned out “Sushi Castle”, “Little Racers STREET”, “Avatar Panic”, “Avatar Ninja!”, “Inflamous”, “Wool”, “Infinity Danger”, “MotorHEAT”, “Firing Range 2”, “Little Racers”, and “Raventhorne”. Even with Little Racers and Little Racers 2, they ended up being different sub-genres of racing games (2D vs. 3D). Now that’s what I call variety.

Today we add “Johnny Carnage” to the list, and it’s a platformer, but a platformer that’s packing heat. Shoot your way through levels, rescue victims, shoot weapons both familiar and futurist, and know that the waves of enemies just keep coming. No strong narrative, no deep combo systems, it’s just a simple, guilty pleasure. And what the heck’s wrong with that every once in a while, especially for only 80 Microsoft Points?

Here’s what the developer (Milkstone Studios S.L.) has to say about the game:

“Help Johnny Carnage rescue the girls from the evil skeletons from mars! Bullets, explosions and pure violence in this addictive platformer/shooter. Show your hero skills to the world! Brought to you by Milkstone Studios.”


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