Day 816: Avatar Karate

Posted: 2013/02/02 in Indie Games

There’s a real visceral pleasure in seeing your Avatar becoming a competitive martial artist. “Avatar Karate” explores that, and does it well.

For only 80 Microsoft Points, you get a capable beat-’em-up. The game has casual written all over it: the game actually teaches you move combinations before matches start. The potential combinations are definitely shy of Virtua Fighter-level combos. “Avatar Karate”‘s presentation is very strong, and having solo, offline multiplayer, and online multiplayer means everyone should be happy. But ultimately, and especially if your avatar is designed to look like you, it’s very satisfying to watch it kick butt. More than you might expect, in fact.

Here’s what the developer (GameJobb) has to say about the game:

“Show your pride and test your karate skills on the roof, on the playground or in the dojo. Challenge 20 different opponents to become the new karate champion. You can battle against up to three other players on your console or around the world via Xbox LIVE. Pick up various powerups to boost your abilities. Switch to anaglyph stereoscopic 3D for playing in a real three dimensional environment.”


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