Day 819: Colony Defense

Posted: 2013/02/05 in Indie Games

I haven’t reviewed a lot of tower defence games in the first 818 days, just the odd one every now and then if it did something a little different or a little better than other ones I’d seen. “Colony Defense” takes a very refreshing approach: putting the entire game map on a sphere, to keep with the theme of defending a planetary colony.

This introducing interesting challenges for the player: having to spin the globe to check in on threats on the far side of the planet, chiefly. The game amps that up, by making the maps quite large (all the better to have the obscured half of the globe be larger), and by putting tonnes of branching paths in the game so it’s difficult to predict the approach enemies are going to take.

The game has 10 different weapons, spread over a good variety of attack/defence techniques, with multiple upgrade levels each. There are also a dozen categories to distribute additional upgrade points within that have broad effects on your war effort (such as cost of tower upgrades, range of fire, etc.). This game has a greater level of customisation than a lot of others I’ve played. Its fast and frantic action as you spin your globe managing threats coming on all sides definitely elevates this game to something more than your typical tower defence game, and easily an 80 Microsoft Point game worth checking out.

Here’s what the developer (Mana Bomb Games) has to say about the game:

“Colony Defense is 360 degrees of fast-paced tower defense strategy where the player has to defend an entire planet and multiple paths against invading alien forces. Defend each planets colonies from the alien onslaught in this high action, strategy title. 10 upgradable weapons to fight the good fight with. Ricochet laser cannons, flame throwers, stasis towers, artillery cannons, and many more”


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