Day 820: Nessie

Posted: 2013/02/06 in Indie Games

Looking like a classic (and I do mean classic) old LCD handheld game, “Nessie” is a crazy, cute, and surprisingly playable way of harkening back to days gone by.

And… that’s all there really is to it. Oh, there is a game here, with you playing as the Loch Ness Monster periodically having to surface to get more air before you suffocate, but having to do so without being seen. But you’re really playing it for the “Game and Watch”-infused nostalgia, and that’s worth 80 Microsoft Points to me.

Here’s what the developer (Those 30 Ninjas) has to say about the game:

“The elusive Loch Ness monster – a creature surrounded by the unknown. Keep it that way! Help her avoid the prying eyes of those pesky humans, or she will no longer be mysterious! No one can spot her when underwater, but be careful – even Nessie needs to come up for air.”


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