Day 821: Avatar Snowboarding

Posted: 2013/02/07 in Indie Games

Now here’s another good use for avatars. “Avatar Snowboarding” lets you hit the slopes as yourself. Or as someone wearing COG armour. Or whatever. But at least there’s a good game underneath.

Gameplay is halfway between an arcade experience like SSX and a more realistic experience like Amped, “Avatar Snowboarding” strikes a great balance. Good controls that let you quickly spin back and forth while leaning your upper body or crouch get the job done. It’s a more realistic experience in that it can actually be hard to stay on course (reminds me of my first time playing Forza), and an arcadey experience in that you have rocket propulsion for when you want/need it.

Add in the procedurally-generated courses which mean no course is ever the same twice, and it’s an easy recommendation for 80 Microsoft Points.

Here’s what the developer (Squimball Studios) has to say about the game:

“Hit the slopes with your avatar. Enjoy breathtaking 3D HDR scenery, awesome 3D physics, hundreds of millions of levels, and more! Snowboard alone or with a friend split-screen style. You have but one goal – make it to the bottom of the mountain. Oh, and don’t worry about calling for a pick-up. You are equipped with an infinite rocket booster should you need a push. Use with caution!!”


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