Day 822: Alphabet Sub

Posted: 2013/02/08 in Indie Games

Please note: I am not the person in the video, but this Youtube poster was the only person I could find who’d uploaded a video of the game.

I like to review edu-tainment titles every now and then. “Alphabet Sub” is a cute little game that has you piloting a sub through levels as you try to collect letters, or numbers, in correct sequence, avoiding oceanic obstacles. And crabs, always avoid the crabs. And that’s about it. It’s 80 Microsoft Points and a great tool to teach the alphabet to your child(ren)… or to veg out while talking about Pokémon cards, apparently.

Here’s what the developer (Talryyn Games) has to say about the game:

“Pilot a toy submarine around the ocean collecting letter and number bubbles! Over 60 levels that concentrate on the alphabet and numbers, with short levels that are meant to be easy, while the longer levels offer more of a challenge. More games in the series coming soon!”


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