Day 823: Ninja Crash

Posted: 2013/02/09 in Indie Games

The sharp-eyed viewers of the video will note “Ninja Crash”‘s distinct resemblance to Nintendo classic “Balloon Fight” (or, if you prefer, the balloon mode in Mario Kart 64). Readers of this blog will know that I make a point of not reviewing clones, though: a game can be inspired, even deeply inspired, by another title as long as it adds to or otherwise improves on the formula (the odd one has improved upon a formula by taking away from it). This is the more typical case: “Ninja Crash” improves upon the formula by adding environmental obstacles and threats, by adding power-ups, and a mix of play options that (I think) is broader than the original.

You propel yourself upwards by grabbing a lantern or two, while using melee combat to take out the lanterns of other ninjas. You’ll have to come at them from above, or from the sides, to do it. You have more to worry about, though, including rock falling at you from above, or jets of water striking you. I don’t remember that from Balloon Fight. I also don’t remember getting power-ups such as a parachute that lets you avoid death when your lantern gets popped, or a variety of ninja-themed weapons such as shuriken. There’s singleplayer and co-op through a campaign, as well as competitive multiplayer too. Well worth its 240 Microsoft Point asking price given it’s great gameplay and nice presentation.

Here’s what the developer (Team Devil Games) has to say about the game:

“Take to the sky and become the ultimate aerial ninja! Strap on your magic lanterns… It’s CRASH time! Strike your opponents down across 9 beautiful levels in full 1080p, destroying their lanterns to send them falling to their doom. Gain the advantage with game-changing powerups such as the kite-chute and kunai! Get ready to CRASH! The more players, the more craziness and laughter!”


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