Day 824: Lucky

Posted: 2013/02/10 in Indie Games

Coming from the developer who brought us “Bureau – Agent Kendall” (from Day 539) and “Bureau – Shattered Slipper” (from Day 668) comes “Lucky”, a rumination on life, death, and more.

There’s gameplay here too, to be sure. It’s a point-and-click adventure that will be familiar to fans of the developer’s previous games, and the 3D presentation is as strong (if not stronger) than their previous efforts. And there’s a giant maze, if you’re into mazes. But there’s also a lot of analysis, bordering on preaching, about how rich people got where they were through happenstance moreso than talent and hard work. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, not that any game is I suppose, but it’s worth its 80 Microsoft Point price tag (smaller than then 240-400 points the Bureau games traditionally have fetched, a nod to this being a somewhat smaller game than those).

Here’s what the developer ( has to say about the game:

“William was smart, handsome and wealthy; he never once questioned his success or place in the world. After a one-night stand, he is forced to face the truth about himself. Did he earn what he had or was just luck? In this beautiful “point and click” style game, you will solve puzzles and discover secrets about yourself and your family’s fortunes.”


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