Day 825: Mobius

Posted: 2013/02/11 in Indie Games

I haven’t reviewed very many one-button climbers (or whatever you call those games where a single button thrusts you up, as you dash madly towards the right-side of the screen), not even top-selling Xbox Indie game Techno Kitten Adventure (not even after it was recommended to me in “my interview with James Johnston and Hamst3r, the Ezmuze+ people”).

But there’s something about “Mobius” that I like. The gameplay is similar to other games in the genre, you press a single button to gain altitude; whenever you’re not pressing that button, you’re slowly losing altitude. You use this mechanic to thread your way through the levels.

What I love about it, that I wouldn’t say about every similar game out there, is that the presentation rubs me the right way. Something like Techno Kitten Adventure is largely difficult because the over-the-top visuals make it difficult to actually comprehend what is going on. Here there are some nice visual flourishes, but they’re triggered by accomplishments (such as collecting objects) rather than a constant bombardment. The 8-bit pixelated graphics look good, and I especially like the pulsating and flowing look some of the elements of the game take on (watch, for example, the pixelated caves pulsate at the top and bottom of the screen in parts of the trailer).

Procedurally-generated levels mean no two games play the same, and there are some clever nods to Pong with some Pong-like paddles moving up and down for you to dodge. I also enjoy having to thread the needle through some tight passageways with my rocket (wow… that sounds dirtier than I intended it). Four player (offline) play is also on offer, presumably to see who is most successful at getting their rocket through the tight passageways (there I go again… *sigh*). I’d recommend at least a trial for 80 Microsoft Points.

Oh, and where does the game get its name from? Like any good moebius, it wraps around back on itself. So play any procedurally-generated level long enough and you’ll eventually get back to the beginning.

Here’s what the developer (“Brian Cosgrove of Revel Games”) has to say about the game:

“Test your reflexes in this fast-paced, one-button classic. Race through procedurally generated levels, dodging obstacles in your path. Can you complete the twisted loop that is Mobius?”


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