Day 827: FromPulse

Posted: 2013/02/13 in Indie Games

I’m racing off to a meeting so today’s review will have to be brief, but “FromPulse” is a platformer with a good story, great visuals, and a musical focus. It’s short, but at 80 Microsoft Points and with high production values, I can forgive that.

Here’s what the developer (Pixel Molotov) has to say about the game:

“Your world is at risk in this story-driven retro rhythmical platformer! Discover the rich universe of groovy music creatures, the Ollopas, in their battle against chaotic forces disrupting the harmony of their planet. In search of a long lost magical artifact, you impersonate the young Vegah in departure for Earth. Do you have what it takes to travel through time and bring back the powerful item?”


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