Day 830: Halloween Scream

Posted: 2013/02/16 in Indie Games

I’m a sucker for these. A dead sucker. While “Halloween Scream” purports to be scary, it’s a text-based more a mix of serious interactive vampire fiction, injected with bits of humour.

Ah, there’s the rub. Whether you enjoy the narrative, or the humour, is always hit or miss depending on the person. That can’t be helped. I liked what I saw, and the gameplay brought me back to mapping out areas (including mazes!) as I played Zork on the Commodore 64. And anything that makes me think of Zork is welcome, 80 Microsoft Points and all.

Here’s what the developer (Bandana Games) has to say about the game:

“Can you survive a supernatural adventure to claim your inheritance before All Hallow’s Eve?”


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