Day 831: Dungeons of Desolation

Posted: 2013/02/17 in Indie Games

If you’re looking for a rogue-like dungeon crawler with some additional elements (the ability to leave the dungeon and go trade in a town, the ability to upgrade your character along a skill tree, customisable hotkeys on the gamepad, better art than your typical rogue-like), all without losing the random dungeons and other things that make rogue-likes popular, “Dungeons of Desolation” is worth an 80 Microsoft Point download.

Sorry the review is so short, but it was a late day at work as we get prepared to renovate the sales floor. But seriously, when it comes to recommending a good looking game with near limitless gameplay thanks to procedurally-generated dungeons, that costs only 80 MSP, how much do you really need to justify downloading the trial?

Here’s what the developer (“OnlyLuck”) has to say about the game:

“A mysterious stairway was discovered in the town of Desolation that leads down to a labyrinth filled with dangerous monsters and untold riches. Do you have what it takes to explore the DUNGEONS of DESOLATION?”


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