Day 832: “Zomp 3: The Quest for Z’s”

Posted: 2013/02/19 in Indie Games

Similar in play to “Aesop’s Garden” (which I reviewed waaay back on Day 169), “Crystal Hunters” (which I reviewed on Day 664), and “Spyleaks” (which I reviewed a relatively recent 759 dayg ago). All of the above have better graphics and more difficult puzzles than today’s game. Then why am I reviewing “Zomp 3: The Quest for Z’s”? Several reasons.

For one, not everyone wants fiendishly difficult puzzles. There’s a time, a place, and a kind of player for both. For another, despite how basic the graphics are, I like that they’re zoomed out more than most games of this genre giving a bigger sense of scale and more options for a player as they puzzle through the game. As a bonus, the title of this 80 Microsoft Point game reminds me a bit of ’80s classic “BC’s Quest for Tires”, and anything that reminds me of that game makes me happy.

Here’s what the developer (skelman) has to say about the game:

“Zomp 3: The Quest for Z’s is a puzzle adventure game that is full of old-school fun! Collect all the Z’s on the map while avoiding certain death. Enemies will stand in your way, push you around, trap you, and kill you if you’re not careful. Follow Zomp through his dreams on many different themed levels: forest, ice, desert, underwater, space, lava, and caves.”


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