Day 833: Code Breaker

Posted: 2013/02/20 in Indie Games

I was a big fan of Mastermind growing up. That was part of my interest in “Hack This Game 4” (which, BTW, was also created by the same developer). If you’re looking for a pure Mastermind experience, but upgraded, then “Code Breaker” is that game, all wrapped up in a “doodle” look. I like that it supports two players simultaneously trying to crack codes against each other, and I like that there are 8 possible correct answers (each of the four face buttons, plus up/down/left/right) which makes it a little more complicated than classic Mastermind.

Here’s what the developer (Utopioneer Games) has to say about the game:

“Can you crack the code? Play against the computer, a friend or online in this adaptation of “bulls and cows”.”


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