Day 834: Avatar Farm!

Posted: 2013/02/21 in Indie Games

I passed on this when it first came out, but a steady stream of updates (currently on version 1.7, with a long stream of both bug fixes and content additions) and a price drop to 80 MSP put it back on my radar. That and it comes from Milkstone Studios (the “Sushi Castle”, “Little Racers STREET”, “Avatar Panic”, “Avatar Ninja!”, “Inflamous”, “Wool”, “Infinity Danger”, “MotorHEAT”, “Firing Range 2”, “Little Racers”, “Raventhorne”, and “Johnny Carnage” people).

So I’m pleased to add “Avatar Farm!” to the list. The game draws obvious inspiration from farming titles like Farmville, but there are things I prefer about it. There are peer-to-peer leaderboards form example. You walk (or run) around the farm in real time, giving you a you-are-there feel. It has a real-time mechanic like with Farmville (ie. don’t tend your crops and they die), except with the ability to slow (or even turn off) the real-time mechanic when necessary (such as vacations, or crunch time at work). What’s most impressive is that a great deal of what I liked about the game wasn’t there at launch, but was added along the way, many of it based on player feedback. And that’s worth supporting from any developer.

Here’s what the developer (Milkstone Studios SL) has to say about the game:

“Cultivate your own farm: Plant crops & trees and take care of them as they grow!”


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