Day 835: Trailer Park King 3DD

Posted: 2013/02/22 in Indie Games

(Note: I’m not the poster of the video). I’m mostly reviewing this to let people who enjoyed the previous installments know it exists. If you’ve played and enjoyed the previous games in the Trailer Park King series (“Trailer Park King” and “Trailer Park King Episode 2”), then I recommend “Trailer Park King 3DD”. If not, then I recommend steering clear as it doesn’t do much to reinvent the formula. It’s a guilty pleasure through and through, nothing more and nothing less. And that’s worth 80 Microsoft Points of ridiculousness for those who want to live out their interactive Trailer Park Boys fantasies.

Here’s what the developer (Freelance Games) has to say about the game:

“He’s a gamer, a greeter, a game show host, and a connoisseur of the ladies! Purchase “Trailer Park King” now for a chance to work as the all-powerful Greeter! From the creators of “Cherry Poke Prison”.”


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