Day 836: Paintball War

Posted: 2013/02/23 in Indie Games

We’ve seen some good first-person shooters on XBLIG recently, such as “Avatar Laser Wars 2” and “Murder Miners”. So why would you buy “Paintball War”? Well, for one, if you like these kinds of games, it’s a measly 80 Microsoft Points for a bunch more maps. It includes the normal options of system link and online play, too.

But another reason to purchase this game is that it includes bots, for those who don’t want to play online, a feature which many of these sorts of games don’t on XBLIG. I think you can get your 80 MSP worth exploring these maps, online or off, the game looks good and controls well, and it has both perks and weapon upgrades. A great effort that deserves a sequel.

Here’s what the developer (Strange Games) has to say about the game:

“Join the paintball battle with your friends in Avatar Town. Features weapon upgrades, perks, kill streaks, taunts, and lots of paint! Play offline against bots or online with up to 15 other players.”


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