Day 838: Snops Attack! Zombie Defense

Posted: 2013/02/25 in Indie Games

There are a lot of games that justify their 80 Microsoft Points (or 240, or even 400) despite flaws. Not surprising really, there are $60 retail games that do the same despite obvious flaws. But every once in a while a game comes along that pretty much has it all. “Snops Attack! Zombie Defense” is just such a game.

Controls are tight, gameplay is challenging, and the graphics are absolutely gorgeous. What more could you want out of a bullet-hell shoot-’em-up? A goofy story, of course, and it has that too. It’s strongly recommended for 240 Microsoft Points for fans of the genre, or fans of so-crazy-it’s-good game stories.

Here’s what the developer (Snops) has to say about the game:

“Take control of our canine hero, Snops, in this action packed shoot-em-up as he tries to save the world from a zombified invasion which has turned everything ZOMBIE! Special attacks, massive firepower, explosions, and Zombies! Remember, you’re our only hope… You cannot fail!”

  1. Initially the title of the game put me off, but it’s really a very strong 2D shooter. It also looks extremely good for an Xbox indie. It’s just a shame it was so poorly named.

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