Day 841: Hostile Hustle

Posted: 2013/02/28 in Indie Games

Waaaaay back on Day 336, I reviewed “I Accidentally…In Space! Ep1”, a game I lauded as being a little bit like Contra, if all the enemies came from the top of the screen rather than from the sides. I ended my review hoping that we’d get an “Ep2”. Well, we now have “Hostile Hustle”, a successor that’s more an episode 1.5 than an episode 2, but for only 80 Microsoft Points I’m OK with that.

For those who’ve never tried either game yet, this is the definitive version of Contra-meets-space-invaders-meets-a-vertical-climber gameplay. It looks better, it plays tighter, and for fans of the game it’s just better enough to be worth 80 MSP to replay it in this new form.

Here’s what the developer (Lethal Martini Games) has to say about the game:

“Overhauled Version of 2011’s “I Accidentally In Space! EP1″ with 30 updated levels, graphics and gameplay! Platformer meets vertical shoot-em-up in this retro genre mashup. An explosion at the Mining facility on Deimos has scattered valuable space gems all over space, & the aliens determined to protect them are doing everything in their power to keep you from getting them back!”


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