Day 843: “ダウンタウン激凸ドッジボール!” (Downtown SMASH Dodgeball)

Posted: 2013/03/02 in Indie Games

Yesterday I reviewed possibly possibly the most obscure game in the Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) catalogue. Today I review a game that’s possibly the most expensive game in the XBLIG catalogue at 800 Microsoft Points. When the indie games channel was first created games could be sold at one of three price points: 200, 400, or 800 MSP. Those prices were eventually changed to 80, 240 and 400, but there were a few games from the before time that have chosen to remain grandfathered at the 800 MSP price. If the developer choses to update the game in any way, it triggers a price reduction down to 400 MSP. We’ve seen that with “ezmuze+ Hamst3r edition” which dropped to 400 MSP (reluctantly, as it was “still selling well at 800 MSP”) when they released a title update.

So while there may be a couple of 800 point games left, “”ダウンタウン激凸ドッジボール!” (Downtown SMASH Dodgeball)” is one of very few XBLIG at that price now. So what makes it worth 800 MSP when some people have trouble justifying paying even 240, let alone 400 points for an indie game? I’m glad you asked, and I’ll tell you.

What sets this apart is that it’s not just reminiscent of the classic Super Dodge Ball on the NES, it’s actually done by the developers of the original game! Controls are as tight as ever (perhaps tighter than the original), and the framerate is definitely and distinctly improved. Borrowing from River City Ransom (also created by the same developer and borrowing the same art style), quips are displayed on screen as the players jaw at each other. So if you loved the original inspiration for this game, you’ll love this enhanced homage (with, as I mentioned, the authenticity of having developers who worked on the original game making Downtown SMASH). Well worth a trial to experience the simple, yet effective and tight, controls.

Here’s what the developer (Miracle Kidz) has to say about the game:

“”Downtown SMASH Dodgeball!” is more exciting dodgeball. This dodgeball fights until the other party is downed. Let’s Play it by an easy operation and a variegated action. Copyright (c) 2009 Miracle Kidz Corp. All rights reserved.”


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