Day 844: 魔物な勇者と謎の遺跡 (Monster Hero and the Mysterious Ruins)

Posted: 2013/03/03 in Indie Games

This unexpectedly turned into XBLIG moldy oldie Japanese titles theme weekend, thanks to yesterday’s dodgeball extravaganza and today’s “魔物な勇者と謎の遺跡 (“Monster Hero and the Mysterious Ruins”, at least according to Bing Translator)”. And unlike yesterday’s 800 Microsoft Point XBLIG, today’s costs 90% less (80 MSP).

There was a game I absolutely loved on the Commodore 64 called Wizball (it was also available on other sytems in the ’80s). In it you played a ball that couldn’t stop bouncing (well, apparently if you were good enough and strategic enough it was possible to get a powerup that would give you full control, but I wasn’t good enough). I was entranced by the idea of controlling just where I landed, but not being able to stop bouncing through each stage.

Monster Hero invokes some of that same feel, but in a greatly upgraded form. You’re still bouncing your way through life, but levels are larger and have up and down to them (instead of just left and right) giving you a true platformer feel. Graphics are tremendously more attractive than even the best version of Wizball ever was (which was the Amiga version, unless I miss my guess). You’re no longer controlling your character directly, rather controlling the entire maze itself giving you the sense of being a deity trying to help our poor hero to the exit in each level.

This game has a lot of charm, and is easily worth 80 Microsoft Points. Please note that the English section of the description below is provided by Bing Translator, not the developer.

Here’s what the developer (ncc) has to say about the game:

“魔王の力によりすべての人間が魔物に変えられた世界。 元の姿に戻すためには遺跡の奥に眠る秘宝を手に入れるしかない。 しかし、スライム姿になってしまった勇者は跳ねることしかできない 遺跡自体を傾けさせ、ゴールまで導こう! 果たして勇者は秘宝を手に入れることはできるのか・・・ (Every human being changed through the power of the devil to the demon world. But don’t get Deathly sleep at the back of the ruins to restore the original appearance. But from his goal to lead Braves ended up wearing the slime to listen ruins themselves cannot bounce only! What plays can be the Deathly hand hero…)”


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